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Even with the outcome no longer in doubt and the snow coming down ever harder, the assembled masses, accustomed to such inconvenience, stayed and whooped it up to the very end. Grant was duly impressed. “I don’t ever think I’ve heard a crowd that loud,” he said. “I think people will remember this game.”

Undoubtedly. As will a certain aging-but-far-from-aged quarterback.

“That was awesome,” Favre said. “It’s amazing. I’ve played a long time up here, and this is the first time it’s snowed like that. I’ve always wanted to play in a game like this.”

At one point, he playfully threw a snowball at Lee — and connected (for an uncredited completion). The tight end retaliated — “and thank God it hit me in the facemask,” Favre said. “Might have chipped a tooth.”

It was Brett Favre’s day, all right.