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Angelos sat a few seats from Selig and listened as the Orioles’ reputation as a performance-enhancing cartel grew. As soon as the hearings began, Waxman announced the committee was calling for the Justice Department to investigate former Orioles star Miguel Tejada.

Tejada, who was traded to the Houston Astros last month, was named in the Mitchell Report, and the committee wants to know whether he made false statements during its 2005 investigation of former Orioles All-Star Rafael Palmeiro.

Later in the hearing, Rep. Betty McCollum asked Mitchell about David Segui, another former Orioles player. Segui told team officials in 2004 he was taking HGH and specifically named former co-general managers Jim Beattie, who is no longer with the team, and Mike Flanagan, who still is in the front office.

Why, McCallum inquired, didn’t the Orioles contact baseball officials?

“Can you offer any insights as to why?” she asked.

Said Mitchell: “We don’t have any more knowledge of the incident you referred to other than what we put in the report.”

It’s surprising Angelos didn’t stand up and say, “I object.”

What was missing from the hearing were the combatants who have emerged in the aftermath of the Mitchell Report: Clemens, who has denied using steroids or any other performance-enhancing substances, and his accuser McNamee.

The furor that has followed those two pits not just one man’s word against another’s. It also involves Mitchell’s name and credibility as well.

Clemens and McNamee, along with several other former and current players, are expected to testify at the committee hearings scheduled for next month. Mitchell is not scheduled to be there, which is too bad. All of them in the same room would have been high drama when a question like this was asked.

“Despite the public presentation by Mr. Clemens that the testimony was not accurate, you continue to feel comfortable with Mr. McNamee’s credibility?” Waxman asked Mitchell.

Mitchell answered: “We believe that the statements provided to us were truthful.”

It will be interesting next month to see whether the members of the George Mitchell Fan Club feel the same way.