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According to the Associated Press, the e-mail included a statement from Ms. Frosh noting the organization has not endorsed a candidate and that “I regret any confusion that may have been caused by my actions.”

Mrs. Sullivan also charged that the calls violate New Hampshire state law requiring identification of its sponsor within 30 seconds. The “paid for by Obama for America” comes at 38 seconds.

The Obama campaign responded by saying its firm would scrub its list of voters on the do-not-call list and stressed the calls comply with federal law.

Earlier yesterday, the Nashua event couldn’t have gone more smoothly for Mrs. Clinton, who was thanked by voters repeatedly for her work, asked how she would deal with health care and global warming, and what she would do with the suspected terrorists held at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

But Mrs. Clinton’s day got off to a rough start. She beamed as she stepped from her bus to greet volunteers who were preparing to do a voter canvass on her behalf. Megaphone in hand, she prepared to rally the troops. But instead of her voice, the crowd heard a siren. The faulty megaphone was quickly handed off to a staffer and replaced with a microphone, which also didn’t work.

After saying she would work hard for change and having outlined her record, Mrs. Clinton made a promise: “We’ll have a better sound system the next time I see you.”

Mr. Obama picked up two big endorsements yesterday — from former Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2000, and from former Sen. Gary Hart of Colorado, who won the New Hampshire primary in 1984.

Brian DeBose contributed to this report.