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Parental blood-pressure meter: 150/90, elevated because of a body count of Army Special Forces and innocent bystanders that will rise faster than Hulk’s rage. The big, very awkward guy can’t help but accidentally and intentionally make a mess. Of course, it’s a very explosive, non-bloody type of mess.

Read all about it? Marvel Publishing has chronicled the life of the Hulk since 1962. My suggestion for a mindless bit of action-packed reading (similar to the game) is the trade paperback “World War Hulk” ($24.99). It collects a five-part miniseries from last year and overloads with Banner’s alter ego challenging a who’s who of heroes.

What’s it worth? Although it’s really a watered-down version of Vivendi Universal’s 2005 Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, the game still has a frenetic enough pace to satisfy any Hulk fan. The character looks and moves great as he delivers a stress-relieving experience for the player.

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