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“I would be very skeptical from a scientific point of view. This doesn’t make sense to exonerate anybody,” said Dr. Michael Baden, a leading forensic scientist and host of the HBO documentary series “Autopsy,” in an interview on KHOW-AM in Denver.

He said the DNA samples could have come from the clothing manufacturing process and could have been spread from one item to another. The DNA could have also come from medical or morgue personnel who were never tested.

Others accused Mrs. Lacy of trying to salvage her reputation after the John Mark Karr debacle. Two years ago, she flew in Mr. Karr from Thailand after he confessed to killing the 6-year-old girl. It was quickly determined he was not in Colorado at the time of the December 1996 murder.

“It’s hard to have any confidence in Mary Lacy, especially after what happened with John Mark Karr,” said co-host Craig Silverman, a former Denver prosecutor.