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Giving fans the chance to elect the final member of each All-Star team is a neat idea. Harmless in a way, because most of the players are fringe All-Stars. Winners Evan Longoria and Corey Hart fit that description, but Hart deserved a spot after the Brewers’ creative ad campaign: “I Hart NY.”

Still, his teammates’ way of celebrating went a bit over the line. Hart was sitting at a postgame news conference holding his daughter, Ryleigh, when his Brewers teammates ran toward the All-Star and doused him with beer. Hart’s reaction was to cover his daughter and protect her from getting soaked.

To his credit, Hart laughed it off.

”She’s fine; she’s perfect,” Hart told MLB.com. “I went and got her a popsicle, and she was great.”

Maybe sports figures shouldn’t bring their children to news conferences, but the Brewers could’ve just waited a few more minutes until Hart was in the clubhouse. Actually, Hart didn’t even expect to walk into a crowded media room and said he wouldn’t have brought Ryleigh if he had known. Smart man and a deserving All-Star.


1. Barry Bonds - Whether it made him seem like less of a jerk or not, Bonds made bringing daughter Aisha to interview rooms a habit.

2. Allen Iverson - Well, his daughter, Tiaura, wasn’t at his most famous news conference (Practice?!) but she has been a fixture after plenty of games.

3. Kobe Bryant - At the NBA Finals, Bryant pulled the exacta as he held his two daughters, Gianna and Natalia, on his lap at the same time.

4. Bonzi Wells - Before bringing children to interviews became cool, Wells brought his child to his NBA Draft news conference.

5. Bob Knight - With one of his grandsons sitting nearby, Knight used some profanity when answering a reporter’s question. The athletes on this list didn’t make that mistake.

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