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Katie was admitted to Municipal Tuberculosis Hospital in early August 1912 after a long struggle against the disease. Following her death on Aug. 11, Katie was buried anonymously next to her parents at the grave site: Lot 126, Section G of the cemetery.

“There’s no doubt that this is her grave - and it was the only one in the whole cemetery without a marker on it,” Harris said.

A requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Peter’s Catholic Church on Aug. 14. Her 17-year-old son was still at St. Mary’s and, as far as we know, did not ask his father or anyone else what had happened to his mother.

Very strange - and very sad.

In years to come, the Babe never talked or wrote about his parents. Perhaps he resented being sent to St. Mary’s and being ignored by his family for so many years. No one ever will know.

What is known is that all these decades later, somebody - Paul Harris - finally cared about Catherine Schamberger Ruth. The belated headstone reflects his touching concern and desire to right, literally, a grave injustice.