- The Washington Times - Saturday, July 19, 2008


Barack Obama’s cries of foul play regarding the media or other candidates going after his wife, Michelle Obama, on the issues or for her statements, is foolish and naive (“Democrats beating GOP at their own game — Spin,” Nation, Analysis/Opinion, Tuesday). If she is going to go out and talk for her husband, she is accountable for her statements. It is entirely legitimate to question her statements.

If Mrs. Obama is exempt from critical scrutiny, is Bill Clinton also exempt when he sounds off on the campaign trail? You can’t have it both ways. When a would-be first lady suggests that her country is not worthy of her pride, she is fair game for any group or individual.

A person who is too thin-skinned to accept the grind of politics is not a candidate I can vote for, let alone send to the White House.


Royal Oak, Mich.



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