- The Washington Times - Saturday, July 19, 2008


Your Monday editorial “Fairness is not equality” would be funny if it weren’t both offensive and wrong. Claiming that people who cite the wage gap ignore “occupation, experience, seniority” and more is simply false.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ analyses compare average wages for men and women with the same education level and across the same professions. The conclusion isn’t surprising: Women, on average, earn less than their male counterparts in the same profession and among colleagues with the same level of education. The wage gap isn’t simply “an emotional issue,” as the editorial claims. It’s a well-documented reality. The last time I checked, the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t rely on emotions. It relies on the facts.

It isn’t “the situation” that lacks common sense, but rather the argument in this editorial.


Chair, Democratic Women’s Working Group




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