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“Once a critical mass of knowledge, suppliers and human capital has been established … it makes more sense for new aspirants to join the emerging cluster than begin a new one,” he said.

Mr. Foley added that Ireland has little choice but to look to the oceans. The Irish government is unlikely to meet its Kyoto climate change goals without bankrupting the economy, and nuclear energy has too little public or political support. However, he added that some Kyoto supporters are beginning to realize that the treaty will fail unless it includes developing nations like India and China.

“I notice, for example, that the backers of the Euro-centric Kyoto approach to climate change are begrudgingly recognizing that an international accord that is going to be successful must include all major polluters,” he said.

Mr. Foley drove home his point with an example about hybrid cars.

“If everyone in the world today who drives a car switched to a Toyota Prius, global energy consumption would drop by less than 10 percent,” he said.

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