- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Evidently the writer of the Monday letter “Cluster bomb use” has forgotten, or chooses to forget, the origins of the Hezbollah-Israel conflict.

Hezbollah brazenly crossed an international border and killed eight Israeli soldiers, capturing two whom the terrorist organization later apparently murdered. Israel had no choice but to attack Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah had embedded its rockets and its terrorist fighters with the approval of the local populace.

When Hezbollah forces hid in civilian areas and chose to pour thousands of rockets into northern Israel, with extensive casualties resulting, the Israeli armed forces had no choice but to attempt to destroy Hezbollah and its infrastructure using cluster bombs. During the same period, more than 40 nations have used the same weaponry against their enemies. Unfortunately, that’s what happens in war.

Any civilian casualties are to be mourned, but in this case, one needs to remember the circumstances and designate the terrorist organization Hezbollah and its civilian supporters who instigated the conflict as the perpetrators.


Silver Spring



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