- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bodega Norton, Torrontes, Mendoza, 2007, $9

Imagine a wine that smells sweet but tastes dry. Its perfume is reminiscent of roses and other flowers, while its flavors are bright and lively. So, while its bouquet seems to foretell something sugary, the impression it makes on your palate is instead light, crisp and supremely refreshing.

Such a wine exists. It’s called torrontes, and this is the perfect time of year to try it.

Torrontes is United States. Today, however, torrontes is becoming chic on these shores, and the wines are not difficult to find.

Bodega Norton’s value-priced torrontes provides a great introduction to this exciting white wine. Perfect for warm-weather entertaining, it is delicious on its own before dinner but certainly can pair well with light fare - summer dinner salads, for example, or many Asian-inspired dishes. Drink; don’t save it, as torrontes is always a wine to enjoy as young as possible. (Imported by TGIC Imports.)



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