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Don’t agree with him? Then maybe you’ll agree with his stand on drug testing, his belief the tour needs to be Cleaner Than Clean to “send a message to young [players]” that “short cuts” aren’t the answer. Some pros, he says, are “upset about the fact that they have to go pee in a cup and somebody has to watch them do it,” but to Pernice, it’s all about policing the game “the right way and the most credible way.”

But because he’s 66th on the money list and doesn’t have his own clothing line, Pernice’s words will never carry the weight of Tiger’s or Phil’s. He’s just a veteran pro, barely a year away from the Champions Tour, with an achy left hip and a physical therapist who’s never very far away. Here’s hoping the hip continues to hold up - if only so Tom can pontificate a little longer. This gentleman’s game needs some stirring every now and then.