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Nadal finally beats Federer at Wimbledon: For the first two weeks of Wimbledon, the talk in the United States centered around another disappointing year for the American men and how it was an ominous sign for the sport. But after a seven-hour battle (counting rain delays) between the sport’s two biggest stars, it’s clear that tennis doesn’t need an American male presence to survive. Rafael Nadal’s five-set win against Roger Federer had even non-tennis fans engaged, proving that while American men’s tennis is in trouble, the sport itself is doing just fine.

Guzman named to All-Star team: The annual “every team must have one All-Star” beneficiary on the Nationals is shortstop Cristian Guzman, who leads the National League in hits. It’s a big accomplishment for Guzman, whose previous claim to fame was being the answer to “Who was the worst free agent signing in Nationals history?”


1. The final round is on tape delay: Granted it was because of weather concerns, but tape delay is more befitting a Pac-10 women’s basketball game on FSN, not the PGA Tour.

2. Anthony Kim winning is the best-case scenario: With Tiger Woods on the shelf, the tour badly needed a 20-something to step up and win an event.

3. The host doesn’t show up: Even with him not playing, a token Tiger appearance would have done wonders for both the interest and attendance.

4. A sporting event in another country gets more attention: To be fair, the Federer-Nadal classic would have outdone anything sans Tiger and Phil brawling with each other.

5. Rocco Mediate is the big draw: With the U.S. Open buzz fading, it’s back to obscurity for Mr. Everyman.

HE SAID WHAT? — “I tried everything. Rafa is a deserving champion. He just played fantastic. It was the worst opponent on the best court.” — Roger Federer on Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal

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