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“We sent him to Campo Las Palmas, our baseball academy in the Dominican Republic,” Lasorda writes. “Ralph Avila, who founded and ran Campo, took him under his wing. Michael was the first American to go to the DR and live and work out there.

“He didn’t know a word of Spanish, and the players he lived and worked with didn’t know a word of English. But they had the common goal of making it to Dodger Stadium. He would work out all day at the academy, and at night he would go warm up pitchers for the Licey club. … Through endless hours of hard work and determination, Michael made it off the island, all the way to Los Angeles. And when he did he made an immediate impact. … There’s a locker in Cooperstown waiting for him.”


Did you see the story about White Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera calling the press box twice during a game to complain about an error that was charged to him?

Boy, it’s a good thing Julio Lugo doesn’t do that. He’d need Unlimited Minutes.


Elias should come up with a new statistic: errors overturned. Cabrera has two this season - the other coming last month in Toronto - which probably leads the majors.


Who knew that one of the criteria for the Gold Glove - along with fielding percentage, range factor, etc. - was Overall Lobbying Ability?


Imagine: Cabrera talked his way out of two of his three errors. The man is the Clarence Darrow of Colombia.


J.D. Drew, the Red Sox’s oft-injured right fielder, misses Friday night’s game against the Orioles with vertigo.

Can’t say I’m surprised. He’s been swinging the bat like Kim Novak lately.


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