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Increased production from center Pau Gasol and forward Lamar Odom will help the Lakers’ cause. Both players have been inconsistent in the finals. Gasol went the entire first half of Game 1 without a rebound, and in Game 2, after leading his team with 13 first-half points, the Spaniard scored only four points in the second half.

Odom scored only two points in the second half of Sunday’s loss, and his inability to read the Celtics’ defensive schemes is hurting his team.

“Lamar got confused out there tonight, and that was difficult for him,” Jackson said after Sunday’s game. “Situations that got him into foul trouble and little offensive sequences that rather than just taking a shot or making the right play looked like he was a confused player out there at times. We’ll try and get that straightened out.”

Aware that the Celtics will be focusing on getting off to a quicker start and maintaining their aggression throughout the game, the Lakers realize they need to match that tone. Their hope is that they can duplicate the latter portion of Game 2’s effort in Game 3.

“We played with a sense of desperation and more aggression,” Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said. “And I think that’s something for us to take home and learn from.”