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For Caps fans it not necessarily about what Fehr has yet to become that makes them cringe about the 2003 draft. It is the list of players taken shortly after him - Getzlaf at No. 19, Burns at No. 20, Richards at No. 24 and Perry at No. 28 - that conjures up thoughts of what might have been.

It should not all be on Fehr’s shoulders to carry the draft class, but the Caps had only six picks that year, and Andrew Joudrey, a sixth-rounder who still could fill a checking role at the NHL level, is the only other one still in the organization.

There is still time for Fehr, who has three goals in 48 NHL games, to make good on the Caps’ selection. For now, he has to deal with the expectations of being measured against some talented classmates.

“I try not to feel too much pressure about it,” Fehr said. “I have heard about it from a couple of guys, and I remember from that day who was taken after me. … Last year I kind of started right in the middle of the season, but I think with an offseason to prepare and work on my weaknesses I can get off to a better start next year.”