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And it’s not like Kobe’s crew comes even close to rivaling Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman and the rest of the Jordanaires.

But based on how they had played in the first three rounds of the postseason, Kobe believed that’s what he had.

The Lakers’ soft path to the finals gave Bryant a false sense of security and trust.

The Denver Nuggets, who fell 4-0 in the opening round, barely made it into the playoffs. The Utah Jazz? Still young and missing a piece or two. The San Antonio Spurs? Aging and too banged up to maintain a steady offensive output.

Denver, Utah and San Antonio didn’t play with the physicality of the Celtics. And so when bumped, shoved, elbowed and swarmed by the Celtics, the Lakers cowered.

Bryant said he doesn’t think the Lakers need to make any drastic changes this offseason. Perhaps, but the Lakers - including Bryant - need an attitude adjustment. Toughness and aggression are missing.

If Kobe is indeed a tone-setter, he needs to develop more of a killer instinct - like Jordan - on both ends of the floor and teach his running mates to adopt the same.