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Work on the Atom: He has so much potential. I love the character. The idea of shrinking down so small that you begin to find microscopic worlds and subatomic sentient life - it’s like being the Silver Surfer, but instead of the cosmos, you’re in the expansive microverse. It’s loaded with endless high-adventure potential, and that makes for good comic booking.

Characters I would like to work on: The Justice League of America, the Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Spider-Man are top of the dream list for me these days. I feel like I could naturally get the voices of those characters without too much struggle.

Favorite word: Effusive. I like to try and be effusive about the good I see in the work being produced by those around me, then be supportive and help build people up.

Besides this interview, what’s the stupidest thing you ever did? I created a comic-book series about a guy who has a dimensional gateway in his behind but only showed said titular character in cameos and backup stories. I produced seven issues of it, too.

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