- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 19, 2008

What do I think of Tiger Woods closing up shop for the season and tending to his various knee/leg problems? Oh, there are 18 things I could say.

1. Some guys will do anything to get out of playing in the Ryder Cup.

2. Rocco Marchegiano (otherwise known as Rocky Marciano).

3. It’s a bummer His Tigerness won’t be teeing it up in the AT&T National, but he’ll be back. It is, after all, his tournament.

4. Besides, he hasn’t fared that well at Congressional, anyway (T-19 in the ‘97 U.S. Open, T-6 last year in the AT&T … and never in serious contention either time).

5. Legendary athletes who immediately make you think of knee surgery (Top 5):

  • Joe Namath.
  • Mickey Mantle.
  • Gale Sayers.
  • Bernard King.
  • And now Tiger Woods.
  • 6. Will Tiger rework his swing again so his left knee doesn’t bear as much of the burden? Wouldn’t surprise me. He won’t stop being Tiger, though. He’ll still find a way to hit 300-yard drives and go for par-5 greens in two.

    7. Part of you says, “He’s only 32. He has plenty of good years left.” But another part says, “He’s having all these knee problems, and he’s only 32. What kind of physical wreck is he going to be at 40?”

    8. We’re about to witness the most exhaustively covered rehab in sports history. No joke: They should put it on pay-per-view. ESPN, no doubt, will assign a reporter to the story full-time. His beat will be “Tiger’s left knee.”

    “Orlando …”

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