Shaq’s beef with Kobe is old, out of tune

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So Shaquille O’Neal has had what he claims is another comedic outburst, this time as a freestyle rapper who waxes poetically on Kobe Bryant and the breakup of his marriage, the former connected to the latter.

It is amusing stuff if you are not on the receiving end of the venom, as Bryant was, and your range of humor is limited to the bathroom.

O’Neal raises the taste test with Bryant.

“Kobe, how does my [butt] taste?” O’Neal raps to the delight of the New York nightclub audience, no doubt thrilled to be watching a famous basketball player make a buffoon of himself.

And O’Neal plays the buffoon, if only to mask his deep-rooted grudge against Bryant.

It is the contention of O’Neal that Bryant cannot win the NBA championship without him and that Bryant’s comments to investigators in Colorado contributed to the breakup of his marriage.

It is true that Bryant’s ineffective performance against the Celtics in the NBA Finals prompted a glut of he’s-no-Michael-Jordan commentaries.

Yet that is the quick analysis and apt to look faulty in the seasons ahead, considering the overall youth and depth of the Lakers.

The Lakers are built to be in the championship hunt the next several seasons, and it will be left to Bryant to be the deciding element.

If O’Neal is inclined to dismiss the possibilities, he is entitled.

The rest of us do not have to be so small-minded.

O’Neal’s beef with Bryant stems from Bryant’s one-time legal difficulties in Colorado regarding a woman not his wife.

The woman claimed she was raped, Bryant claimed a misunderstanding and eventually the two parties came to a resolution.

This was after Bryant, for whatever reasons, told investigators that O’Neal was in the habit of buying his way out of sexual indiscretions.

This revelation mattered little to investigators because O’Neal was not in Colorado at the time of the incident.

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