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Heck, I’d settle for a shot of his van arriving at the Woods manse.


Doesn’t it bother you, just a little, that the Wizards sent their second-round pick to the Celtics for, ahem, “cash considerations?” Last I checked, Abe Pollin’s team finished 23 games behind the NBA champs.

Then again, the Wizards did beat Boston three out of four last season. They must figure the Celts need some help.


Sorry, but I just hate the selling of players and draft picks. To me, it’s bad for any league - except perhaps the WNBA. If I were the Mystics, I’d be happy to exchange my second-rounder for cash - as long as it was Swin Cash.


On the subject of the Celtics, their first-round pick, guard J.R. Giddens, has an older sister named Porsche, according to the University of New Mexico Web site. Because Giddens was only the 30th pick, though, he’ll likely have to settle for a Mercedes, at least for starters.


Match the basketball-playing J.R. with his real first name(s):

1. J.R. Giddens.

2. J.R. Smith.

3. J.R. Reid.

4. J.R. Rider.

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