- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 5, 2008


Though I agree with many items listed by Paul M. Weyrich in his column “Agenda Needed on Capitol Hill,” (Commentary, Sunday), he does not go far enough and is not comprehensive enough.

The Republicans in Congress are rudderless and getting a bad case of “Democrat-itis,” a malignant and terminal disease for Republicans that does not cause untoward symptoms in Democrats.

The Republicans just feasted at the trough with the farm bill and will feast some more with an aid package for the mortgage mess. As a collective group, the moron Republicans in Congress do not realize that the Democrats can tax and spend and get re-elected, but Republicans can’t. A lot of them who voted for the farm bill will learn that.

In case they care, I propose my list below. They can publish something like this list of national priorities and emphasize them in their campaigns.

1) Defeat liberalism in America. Liberalism is America’s worst enemy.

2) Win the war on terror.

3) Support the economy, eliminate the tax code (flat tax) and strengthen the dollar.

4) Vote for fiscal responsibility, limited government and no earmarks.

5) Become energy independent with oil and nuclear power.

There are other very important issues, including immigration, health care, Social Security, our education system and the Supreme Court, but if the first five are handled first, that would be an excellent start.





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