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Three-dozen levels are mixed between the adventures of Prince Caspian and the Pevensie children as they walk around environments, find new teammates and look for a fight.

The highlight of the action is the actual battles, set as turn-based events. Players click on an opponent and use their stylus pen on the DS touch screen to mirror six types of battle moves to deliver blows and reduce an enemy’s health meter.

Game highlights include reading parts of the story by flipping the DS sideways, blowing into the hand-held to signal a retreat (the DS acts as a horn) and being able to forge new powers from collected ingredients.

The game is too easy for experienced gamers, but is the perfect fit for younger fans of the films.

Additionally, this is the first title to utilize the online community DGamer, guaranteed kid-friendly and safe by Disney Interactive. Children find a wireless hot spot (such as McDonald’s restaurants, not necessarily the best choice) and they can connect with fellow players to chat, gift items they unlock in the game and view leader boards.

Mario Kart Wii (for Wii, Nintendo, $49.99) Video game racing takes on an entirely new dimension when drivers actually hold a steering wheel. Such is the case in this obvious peripheral for Nintendo’s magical multi-sensored console. Players enjoy the latest addition to a classic franchise and race within the colorful courses on the Mushroom Kingdom circuit.

Using famed characters from the Nintendo universe or their own Mii as an avatar, players maneuver around challenging terrain and obstacle-filled roads to take home the checkered flag.

Hilarious powerups and weapons are run over and used during the races, including Bloopers that spray ink on a windshield to mess up visibility and Mega Mushrooms that increase the size of the vehicle.

The wheel holds the Wiimote in its center and steering takes a bit of getting used to, especially when in action-packed moments.

Four drivers in the same room or up to 12 folks online can compete in one of the better Wii experiences currently available.