Dan Daly: What’s the frequency? No Hooters allowed

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Looking forward to the Baseball All-Star Game festivities, especially Kevin Youkilis in the Bat-Throwing Competition.


It was Youkilis’ dugout tirades, apparently, that caused the flare-up between him and Red Sox teammate Manny Ramirez the other day. That is, unless Youk just made the mistake of trying to clean Manny’s helmet.


ESPN’s Chris Berman explaining why he doesn’t read blogs (as quoted by the San Diego Union-Tribune): “I really am an Internet idiot. … Look, criticism’s been around since, I don’t know, Julius Caesar. If they had blogs then, they would have been all over those guys.”


Elsewhere in sports, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is trying to push through a measure that prevents fans from going shirtless at indoor high school events. Let me guess: If the proposal goes through, violators will face stiff fines - but the money will be donated to the Community, uh, Chest.


And finally …

Only in Wisconsin, site of the celebrated “Ice Bowl” between the Packers and Cowboys, would they try to ban toplessness indoors but not outdoors.

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