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The blog bog

With 15,000 journalists expected, it’s no wonder the Republican National Committee may rein in “independent” bloggers during the big GOP convention later this summer.

The independents are “those not affiliated with an organization covered by the existing press gallery system,” organizers say. Still, they require “Special Press” credentials.

Those may be hard to come by.

“How many independent bloggers are ultimately credentialed will be determined by several factors - including interest, space available, the reach and influence of a particular blog, the amount of original content the blog typically generates, and other factors,” the RNC advised.

Days of yore

June 8, 1896, found President Grover Cleveland demanding his federal officials to investigate how many “aliens,” or foreign nationals, were employed in the federal government. Cleveland was in his second term, leading a Democratic Party that was largely anti-immigrant. He said that the government should “prevent the influx of elements hostile to its internal peace and security even where there is not treaty stipulation on the subject.”

June 8, 1949: An FBI report named Tinseltown luminaries “Communist Party members.” The list included actorsFrederic March, John Garfield, Paul Muni, Edward G. Robinson, Danny Kaye, Paul Robeson and Dorothy Parker, among others.

June 8, 1998: The National Rifle Association elected Charlton Heston as its president.

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