- The Washington Times - Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pitcher, Washington Nationals

Height: 6 feet Weight: 195

Throws: Right Bats: Rarely

Plays golf: Right Handicap: 5

Golf background: Started playing at age 15 in Rochester, N.Y., and now plays up to 200 rounds a year.

Baseball vs. golf: “Being a pitcher, I probably find hitting a baseball being thrown at me a lot harder than hitting a golf ball straight. At least in golf you can change your swing to try and fix different aspects of your game in order to hit the ball. In baseball, you’ve got to be able to pick up the spin of the ball and figure out how hard it’s going. There are more variables. Neither one of them is easy, but I think golf is easier. The results are a lot more right in front of you and you can gauge the improvement ” if the ball is in the fairway and not in the woods.”



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