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“We should be, and someday I hope we are, but right now you can’t, and I’ve tried for over a year, to get different conservative organizations to work together and do things together,” he said. “Everybody’s doing their own thing. They’re all working in their silos.

“Nobody wants to talk to each other, much less work together,” he said.

During and after Mr. DeLay’s time in the House, several Republican lawmakers and top aides began serving prison terms after pleading guilty to corruption charges. Democrats made effective use of the problems, accusing Mr. DeLay of fostering a “culture of corruption.”

Mr. DeLay said he does not think his own image is hurting his causes - “I don’t care what my enemies say about me” - and said he won’t accept the charge that he oversaw a “culture of corruption,” until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “takes responsibility for the corruption in her party.”