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The use of the old, tired reasoning that “they are already here” is as ludicrous coming from him as when it’s used by the foreign governments that have planned, organized and directed the problem.

To believe the “they are already here” philosophy is to agree with having Romans in Gaul, Nazis in Poland or Russians in Hungary. It was not legal then, and it fails to meet the legal test now.

Archbishop Wuerl does a fine job when lobbying for a taxpayer bailout of the Catholic school system. Maybe he should turn his lobbying skills toward his Catholic brethren south of the border and demand that Catholic governments there do their duty by their own Catholic citizens instead of operating an ongoing criminal enterprise based on illegal immigration. If he really wishes to explore the laws of man, Mexico would be a nice place to begin.



Where does a member of the Catholic Church get off warning the American people about mass deportations of illegal aliens (“Wuerl eyes humanity for illegals,” Page 1, Friday). I am a Roman Catholic, and my response to Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl is this: The United States is a sovereign nation that does not tell the Vatican how to conduct its affairs, and I would greatly appreciate it if the pope would return the favor.

Incidentally, somebody should remind Archbishop Wuerl that if we continue to admit large numbers of immigrants and refugees from Third World countries, the United States will no longer be the “world’s wealthiest nation.”

Do I have to draw this man a picture?


Executive director

Midwest Coalition to

Reduce Immigration

La Valle, Wis.