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“When SenatorJohn McCain takes to the podium in September to accept our party’s nomination, the entire world will truly be watching,” he added.

Friends of George

“It takes little courage — or brains — to join the mob vilifying President Bush. But the Democrats (and Republicans, too) depicting him as villain will one day regret it,” noted an Investor’s Business Daily editorial yesterday.

Mr. Bush has done right on several fronts, the magazine said.

“For the resilience of this economy, we can thank the president. He pushed substantial tax cuts on income and investment through Congress, which were followed by four years of growth, generating over 8 million jobs. The president also can be thanked for appointing Ben Bernanke, chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers, to succeed Alan Greenspan as Federal Reserve chief. Bernanke has moved on several fronts to keep the economy afloat — including creatively making more credit available to combat the subprime mortgage crisis.

“As for national security, Obama keeps saying the war in Iraq and the rest of the administration’s foreign and defense policy have, as he put it last week in South Dakota, ‘prevented us from making this country safe.’ But the country is safer than anyone expected after 9/11.

“There has not been a single terrorist attack on the homeland, and we have instead foiled multiple terrorist plots to kill innocent Americans. America has succeeded in foiling these plots because Bush gave the National Security Agency the authority to monitor any and all communications of suspected terrorists, by telephone, e-mail or other means.

“The president also gave authorization for the CIA to employ tough interrogation methods on terrorists in custody, to the extent of transporting those detainees to secret locations abroad.

“This is the supposed albatross Republicans are so intent on distancing themselves from and which Democrats believe to be the key to victory in November. The facts of the last seven years tell a different story.”

Oh, behave

The challenge of family spats over politics is common enough to warrant an appearance in “Dear Prudence,” a manners and morality advice column at

“My family members are staunch Democrats and love to bad-mouth Republicans every time the conversation turns to politics. This is heartbreaking, because I myself am a secret Republican. My mom already knows that I’m in love with a Republican, and she won’t stop condemning him behind his back for his beliefs, calling him names like ‘right-wing whack job’ and ‘little lord Republiroy,’ ” wrote one teenager this week.

“Dear Republican,” came the reply from columnist Emily Yoffe. “Start with your mother and tell her you thought one essential precept of the Democratic Party’s principles is that all people deserve to be treated with respect, whatever their race, creed, or stature. Explain that if your family thinks its political views give them a claim to moral superiority, they undercut it every time one of them ridicules your boyfriend for his beliefs. Let her know her insults aren’t changing your feelings for him — or your own beliefs — they’re only causing a breach between the two of you.”

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