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Conservatives said they need to try tactics other than judicial confirmations to advance their agenda.

Mrs. Schlafly said the countermeasures discussed at yesterday’s “training meeting” were Congress’ use of the U.S. Constitution’s Article 3 to withdraw jurisdiction from the federal courts over matters such as the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments and the Boy Scout Oath.

She also said Congress could adopt a bill from Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican, to revamp how legal fees are awarded “to stop this racket of the ACLU’s collecting attorney’s fees when they win a case under the exception clause, which is intimidating to local school boards or counties which might have a cross on their seal or might have the Ten Commandments on their wall.”

She said in many cases the school district simply removes the offending symbol rather than incur the legal and court costs of defending their right to display the symbols.