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SAN FRANCISCO — Air pollution regulators in the San Francisco Bay area have voted overwhelmingly to approve new rules that impose fees on businesses for emitting greenhouse gasses.

A spokeswoman for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District said the agency’s board of directors voted 15-1 yesterday to charge companies 4.4 cents per ton of carbon dioxide they emit.

Experts said the fees, which cover nine counties in the Bay area, are the first of their kind in the country.

But many Bay area businesses oppose the rules, saying they could interfere with the state’s campaign to fight global warming under a law signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006.


No arrests yet in thefts of bras

VERO BEACH — Bra bandits have struck a Victoria’s Secret store in recent back-to-back robberies at a local mall.

So far, no one has been arrested, police said, and the investigation is continuing.

The first heist came on May 14, when someone made off in the early afternoon with 105 bras from the lingerie store at the Indian River Mall. The thief was partial to colored bras in a variety of styles. The stolen undergarments were reportedly valued at $4,500.

Then, on May 17, thieves struck the store again. According to store employees, a man and several women entered about 7:40 p.m. Saturday and engaged in what Indian River County Sheriff’s deputies described as a “distraction scheme.”

This time, 18 bras — in assorted colors and with a total value of $900 — were swiped. All were size 36-C.


Families sue school over English policy

WICHITA — Four Hispanic families are suing St. Anne’s Catholic School over its requirement that students speak English at all times at school.

Their lawsuit calls for an end to the policy, which they said is discriminatory, and asks for an order barring similar policies at other schools.

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