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Parcells also knows that it is far easier to trade a player in good standing with a team than one who, essentially, has been locked out of the team’s functions.

The tempest has led to commentators choosing the bad guy in all this, although the exercise has been done in the context of football.

Taylor is the team’s captain, he should be leading his teammates instead of dancing, and blah, blah, blah, which is an acceptable argument.

Yet it would be irresponsible of Taylor not to be cultivating his post-football ambitions. And it is not as if he could have told the producers of “Dancing With the Stars” to work their programming around the voluntary workout schedule of the Dolphins.

It was incumbent upon Taylor to seize the public-relations opportunity in the sunset of his football career. You either utilize your football fame while you have it or you become a relic of the past soon after your career is finished.

Taylor may not become an action hero in Hollywood, but it is hard to fault him for rearranging his priorities at this point in his career.

Rest assured, the moment his body serves no utility to a football team, he will be dispatched to the streets.

All players should be as prudent as Taylor.