Pistorius ruling jumps the gun

He deserves the globe’s cheers and praise. He is a testament to man’s capacity to persevere in the clutches of true adversity.

Yet it is wrong to fiddle with the starting line merely because of the compelling nature of his story.

It is true that Pistorius has not met the Olympic-qualifying standard of 45.55 seconds. His Paralympic world record in the 400 is 46.56.

Yet even if Pistorius is unable to meet the qualifying time in the weeks ahead, the South African track and field committee still could add him to its 1,600-meter relay team as a public relations ploy.

That would allow television network executives to produce one of those weepy profiles in courage. You know the script. It features the athlete who inevitably overcame several diseases of the week, five or six dead grandmothers and miraculously survived being struck by a train the week before the start of the Olympics.

The sentimental sorts with CAS must be privately hoping that Pistorius never measures up to the world’s top quarter-milers between now and the London Games in 2012. If he ever does, an outcry would be understandable, especially if he earned a medal that otherwise would have gone to the fourth-place finisher.

It is doubtful you ever could sway the fourth-place finisher to the feel-good side of the debate.

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