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Griffith, Ind.

In his letter to The Washington Times on May 20, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. once again shows contempt for the American public’s ability to reason for itself.

In his letter, Mr. Biden tries to convince us that Barack Obama’s statement of willingness to meet the Iranian government without conditions is less outrageous than President Bush’s request that the Saudis increase oil production.

Let’s see, talking to Iran, a country bent on acquiring nuclear weapons, exterminating Israel, and supporting and arming terrorists in Lebanon, Iraq and who knows where else, is less problematic than the president visiting a non-nuclear ally to discuss economic issues?

Mr. Biden portrays himself as an astute, thoughtful foreign-policy expert - but he keeps coming up short on the “astute” and “thoughtful” parts.

I get a kick out of the current trend of Democrats taking the ill-advised statements of their candidate-colleagues and rephrasing them or reinterpreting them - as the good senator tries to do - by claiming that the statement left a “false impression.” That’s a claim Mr. Obama may be able to make, but unless Mr. Biden is claiming the ability to read minds, we will have to stick with the words, not the impressions.



This is in response to the letter “Judge not, least ye be judged” (May 19). The Eucharist is sacred to Roman Catholics because it is the presence of the living Jesus Christ. It is not to be consumed by anyone whose soul is not in a state of grace, and it is not to be consumed just for show.

For instance, when Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis denied Sen. John Kerry Communion in his archdiocese, the archbishop was not judging the senator - only protecting the Blessed Sacrament from being blasphemed by Mr. Kerry and his long-standing voting record on the subject of abortion and partial-birth abortion. The archbishop was doing his duty as a protector of the sanctity of the Eucharist and the Roman Catholic faith.

Archbishop Burke did not judge the senator or any pro-abortion member of Congress. They have continued to judge themselves by committing a sacrilege when receiving the Eucharist while their souls are not in a state of grace.

Indeed, all the pro-abortion Catholic members of Congress know this to be a fact, so if anyone was “throwing stones,” it was these pro-abortion Catholics knowingly throwing stones at the teachings of the Catholic Church to which they profess to belong by receiving Holy Communion as if it were just a mere wafer rather than the body and blood of the living, risen Christ.

The fact that Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl participated in the giving of Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic members of Congress during the recent Papal Mass is, as the writer said, “between him and God.” May God have mercy on Archbishop Wuerl.



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