Economic pacts haven’t solved all ills

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Former Taiwanese Vice President Lien Chan will represent Taiwan at the forum.

“Lien Chan and [Chinese] President Hu Jintao have met several times and have a very cordial, personal relationship. I would like to see Beijing treat Mr. Lien with respect,” Mr. Lin said.

Pro-independence supporters in Taiwan are up in arms at the apparent move by Mr. Ma to reconcile with Beijing, accusing him of moving too far, too quickly.

Mr. Ma has said he will not “budge an inch” on the island’s sovereignty, but this has not prevented thousands of protesters, led by the opposition DPP, from giving the Chinese envoy, Mr. Chen, a hostile reception.

A pro-independence group, Taiwan Society North, put up a cash reward to anyone who hits Mr. Chen with a raw egg. The reward remained uncollected, but hundreds of protesters armed with eggs managed to keep the Chinese official trapped at a banquet inside Grand Formosa Regent Taipei until early Thursday when police pushed them away.

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