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Game Bytes

Here’s an abbreviated look at some multimedia titles for the pixie fan in the family.

Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell (For DS, Disney Interactive Studios, $29.99) - Peter Pan’s loyal friend twinkles in this third-person adventure co-starring the inhabitants of Pixie Hollow.

The deep, delightfully designed adventure has the player control Tink (she follows the stylus dragged on the touch screen and trails pixie dust behind her) as she explores the fantasyland’s 16 areas and helps other fairies prepare the seasons.

Action takes full advantage of the DS’ capabilities. Take the cleaning and repairing of items, a specialty of the tinkering star. Blow dust off of a pot by actually blowing into the DS microphone, or repair cracks to it by applying glue and hammering it into place (use the stylus to spread the patch and tap to set it).

Options in the action include use of a real-time clock (seasons change to match a player’s world); starting fashion trends with customizable costumes; making, collecting and wearing loads of accessories; cute timed minigames; and conversing with new friends including Chipper, Rosetta, Silvermist and Queen Clarion.

Girls, especially younger gamers, will really enjoy their visit to Pixie Hollow (once they get used to navigating around terrain) while parents will appreciate the sharing and friendship aspects of the game.

Disney’s online community, DGamer, is also available through the DS WiFi option to chat with other players and share items.

Clickables’ Fairy Game (Techno Source, standalone unit, uses three AAA batteries, included, $19.99) - Disney is pushing hard to give Tink and her pals the same pop-culture status as those pesky princesses. Techno Source helps with the ambitious Clickables system that combines a software download, a “members only” Web site, and a set of standalone toys that easily connect to a Windows XP/Vista/2000 PC. The result is an interactive universe dedicated to Pixie Hollow that gives female fans a handheld unit to play games and collect rewards.

In the case of the Fairy Game, it’s a purple, tulip-shaped, palm-size device that contains five challenges. The player navigates with a directional pad and buttons through the bare minimum of graphical presentations (a 1-inch LED screen). She performs tasks such as pounding dents out of pots and keeping flowers in full bloom.

It’s simple, repetitive gaming at its finest. However, the action is worth it thanks to collecting points. Easy to amass, they can be downloaded to the online Pixie Hollow site ( to buy butterflies that will hang out with a customized fairy.

Better yet, the points are transferable to other friends with Disney Fairies Clickables’ items (such as a bracelet or charms) by simply touching the metallic sensors of each together. It’s pretty slick tech and actually works.

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