Inside Politics Weekend: Election Day cocktails

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The home stretch

Yes, yes, we sympathize. Political news has reached fever pitch. It is shrill, endless and inescapable as the hours close in on the longest presidential campaign in the known universe. It has been going on for, what? Forty years? Maybe 50.

Election workers will don their helmets in less than 48 hours; the crush at polling places will be worse than the International House of Pancakes at Sunday brunch. And voters, who will cling to their little “I voted” stickers like they were combat medals in the aftermath, can at least tell their progeny, “I was there. I was part of history.”

Or something like that.

Meanwhile, for everyone who needs a break from wonky analysis, here’s a list of campaign cocktails concocted by mixologists around the country to honor the electoral process, gleaned from a variety of news sources:

Maverick-tini, Love on the Ba-racks, Barack-a-raka, Nova-McCain, Pit Bull, Biden Seek, Barack Rocks, McCain Straight Up, Right Wing Johnny, Obama Pama, Obama-rama, McCain Julep, Arizona Sunset, Chicago Cocktail, Jager Bama, McCain Margarita, Obama Slammer, Republi-tini, Demo-tini, Blue Bama, O’Bama, 10 Cane McCain and for the still undecided, United Purple States of America or Independent Flight.

(Oh waiter, wa-a-a-iter. We have an order at this table.)

The cheerful stuff

Maybe all the pundits will lapse into post-presidential depression by Wednesday, unless there’s a recount or people are still waiting to get into the poll booths.

Never fear, the month of November has the promise of a little uplifting patriotism for folks on both sides of the aisle. Who can argue with the 233rd birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps on Nov. 10 and Veterans Day on Nov. 11?

Here’s one-stop shopping for anyone still in need of red-white-and-blue color combinations. Flag and Banner offers flags, banners and their hardware, of course - along with patriotic Christmas ornaments, lawn and auto fare, jewelry, silverware, linens, folk art, toys and wearables of every description, including patriotic bikinis.

They stock a huge inventory of military items along with unusual political fare, like the “Official Bill Clinton Tree Hugger,” which actually wraps around a tree.

For information, consult www.flagand or call 800/445-0653.

A distant signal

Election coverage is wall to wall, fancy-schmancy and more entertainment than news. The Voice of America, however, has a most interesting sliver of it: The federal agency will provide live reports from Kenya, home of Sen. Barack Obama’s late father, and Vietnam, where Sen. John McCain was imprisoned for more than five years.

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