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Price: $259.99

Gift group: Fans of legends such as Richard Petty who want to want a more traditional way to compete as their heroes

Santa’s scoop: Chevy Impala. The digital edge comes in the ability to race up to six cars between the two slots at full speed with real-time acceleration, braking, drifting and lane-crossing takeovers using the tethered controllers. Must-buy add-ons to the core set include wireless controllers ($98.99 with a 10-foot range and a receiver tower shaped like an oil container), a pit-stop track piece ($12.99), and electronic lap counter ($59.99).


What is it? An affordable notebook PC optimized for entertainment lovers

Price: about $880

Gift group: Mobile multitaskers who enjoy movies and gaming

Santa’s scoop: Vista Home Premium with Media Center operating system.


What is it? An incredibly affordable, portable jukebox compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems

Price: $19.99

Gift group: Music lovers who want a simple, painless way to listen to their favorite tunes

Santa’s scoop: The size of a flattened big toe, eMusic ( The upload process is drag-and-drop painless, requiring no software. Considering the price and the color choices (metallic green and red are available), a gift-giver might just want to preload one of these with a bunch of songs for a personalized present. The unit includes a USB cable and pair of earbuds.