- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AUSTIN, TEXAS (AP) - The federal government will pay Hurricane Ike debris-removal costs in Texas for six more months, but Gov. Rick Perry’s office said the extension is inadequate.

The Bush administration late Wednesday announced the extension of 100 percent cleanup payments for areas devastated by the Sept. 13 hurricane.

Perry has criticized the federal government’s response to debris removal, which Texas officials have estimated will costs as much as $2 billion.

“The federal government’s announcement to provide only a small fraction of the assistance Texas requested is unacceptable,” governor’s spokeswoman Allison Castle said in an e-mail. “The governor made a very reasonable request, that Texas be treated no less than Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, and this doesn’t even come close.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency typically pays 75 percent of cleanup costs, with local governments responsible for the rest.



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