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My namesake e-mailed last week that he was greatly entertained by PGA Tour players’ reactions to Obama’s election - especially Boo Weekley’s. Weekley was intending to retire when he reached $8 million in career earnings, but “that number went up,” he said, “as of [Tuesday] night.”

To which the Northwestern freshman replied: “You’ve gotta love Boo. He didn’t even know how match play worked before the Ryder Cup. But he’s an expert on the U.S. tax code.”


So I’m reading about this amateur golfer in Illinois who recorded five holes-in-one in a week and I’m thinking: Who was his witness, Kim Jong Il?


Fortunately, the golfer, Curt Hocker, has hole-in-one insurance at El Paso Country Club. So whenever he makes an ace, the club - not he - must uphold the tradition and buy everyone in the clubhouse a drink.

There’s no truth to the rumor that John Daly has applied for membership.


A story out of New York says the FBI kept tabs on David Halberstam for more than two decades. Is anybody shocked by this? I mean, before he died last year, Halberstam wrote two books about Ted Williams (“Summer of ‘49” and “The Teammates”). Agents were probably hoping he’d lead them to Teddy Ballgame’s missing head.


Is it just me or does Erik Spoelstra, the Miami Heat’s new coach, look like Mitch Albom’s handsomer, younger brother?


Did you see Carmelo Anthony has opened a barbershop in Denver called Studio 15?

Too bad he doesn’t play for the Clippers.


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