Inside Politics Weekend: By the numbers

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Is it still considered bad form to talk politics during a social gathering?

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By the numbers

“What will happen under President Obama?” asks Paddy Power, the largest bookmaker in Ireland. Here are its odds on a number of scenarios:

2-5: Full troop withdrawal from Iraq

6-1: Capture/death of Osama bin Laden

7-1: Full recognition of same-sex marriage

10-1: President Obama to become a father again while in office

12-1: Full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

12-1: Legalization of marijuana

20-1: Total ban of capital punishment

50-1: First moonwalk confirmed to be a fake by President Obama

100-1: Complete ban on privately owned guns

500-1: Discovery of aliens on Mars

1,000-1: Elvis found in the White House basement

The Reagan factor

Speculations about President-elect Barack Obama and the dynamics of his future administration are burgeoning. Journalists are finally getting used to writing out “President-elect” rather than “Senator.”

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