- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Russia reportedly recently issued 7 million passports in Ukraine. This same procedure was conducted in Georgia before the attack by Russian forces on Aug. 7 and is followed by the recent Kremlin declaration that Russia has the right to intercede in any country where the dignity of its citizens may be threatened. Russian forces can invade Ukraine and lay claim to parts of its territory, such as the Crimea, under the new pronouncements.

Unfortunately, the United States has terminated all Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty broadcasts to the region. They had been the source of freedom and truth about the disinformation and propaganda campaigns of the Evil Empire.

Reportedly, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, after having made himself czar of Russia with increasing powers, is conducting “active measures” across the globe against NATO and the European Union. The active measures include: 1) annihilation, deportation and imprisonment of innocent people; 2) manipulation of public opinion and news media; 3) discrediting campaigns, slander and lies; 4) the ruining of professional careers, threats and provocations; 5) blackmail and the overthrow of democratic political leaders; and 6) political trials, preventive talks and assassinations.


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