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A detailed paint job and aggravated facial sculpt mix with a fantastic set of accessories and costuming to give fans an affordable display piece for an entertainment room. Figure highlights include 12 points of articulation, a cloth coat with “pleather” collar, a shirt with some red stitching around the neck, a pair of rosaries, a leatherlike holster with metal snap, a rubbery red tail and a utility belt with extra magical equipment and pouches.

However, the best of the bunch are some heavy-duty weapons. First is the Samaritan revolver, which opens up at the cylinder to pull out a four-bullet cartridge. Next, a mutated shotgun nicknamed the “Big Baby” (right from “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”) also opens up and comes with a leather strap and logo.

Duel With Dooku (Sideshow Collectibles, $199.99) - A pivotal battle from “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” comes to life in this 1:9 scale polystone diorama. The statue presents a frighteningly accurate sculpt of actor Christopher Lee as Count Dooku locked in a light-saber battle with an equally accurate-looking Yoda, who happens to be in midflight. Detail includes a real chain clasp for the count’s cape, translucent red and green sabers and a base pulled right from Geonosis. Limited to 1,500, the hand-painted masterpiece is more than 10 inches tall and places combatants sturdily in position upon a 9-inch-wide circular stand.

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