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Grunfeld echoes that sentiment as well.

“With his work habits, he still can improve as a player,” the team’s president of basketball operations said. “He’s just an outstanding, all-around player who can get his shot in a variety of ways. And he just cares about winning.”

Butler is one of the principal reasons Grunfeld and the coaching staff refuse to be distressed by the latest setback with Arenas.

Grunfeld and Jordan know that Butler, along with Antawn Jamison, will not allow the Wizards to wallow in self-pity. They know that Butler, as long as he stays healthy, will prod his teammates to play in his tenacious image.

Otherwise, Butler is hoping to end the injury questions that have dogged him the last three seasons. He has missed a combined 50 games the last three seasons and played countless other games while in discomfort.

“I think it’s just been bad luck,” Butler said of the injuries. “One time I slap the glass and break my hand. Another time I break a finger.”

Butler took up yoga in the offseason at the urging of his wife to improve his flexibility.

Asked if he wears tights to yoga class, Butler, straight-faced, said, “Yeah.”

A pause. Laughter all around.

Ah, yes. The joy of training camp.