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Yet another basketball violation at Southeast Missouri State - the second in three months - has resulted in the athletic director being fired and the men’s coach being put on administrative leave.

Of course, you have to understand, these guys are under a lot of pressure - Southeast Missouri having such a glorious hoops tradition and all. I mean, the school even made the NCAA tournament one year (in 2005, losing in the first round).

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Memo to the Infractions Committee: Haven’t they suffered enough? They’re Southeast Missouri State, for goodness sakes.

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Little-known fact: When the Yankees’ Mike Mussina and the Red Sox’s Daisuke Matsuzaka squared off on the last day of the regular season, more was at stake than the first 20-win season of Moose’s illustrious career. Matsuzaka also stood to make some history - by losing.

Dice-K, you see, went into the game with an 18-2 record. A no-decision, naturally, would have left him at 18-2 - the same mark Randy Johnson posted for the Mariners in 1995. A win would have left him at 19-2 - the same mark Greg Maddux posted for the Braves in ‘95. But because he lost, Matsuzaka became the first pitcher in major league history to finish 18-3.

And you can look it up.

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That’s why you’re perfectly within your rights, as Dice-K is walking the bases loaded in Game 1 of the ALCS, to say, “He’s the worst 18-3 pitcher in history.”

He IS the worst 18-3 pitcher in history. He’s also the best 18-3 pitcher in history - because he’s the only 18-3 pitcher in history.

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Excerpt from’s interview with San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist Gwen Knapp (Steve Marantz doing the asking):

Q: “You’re one of the few columnists who claim to like synchronized swimming. Okay, name the five greatest moments in synchronized swimming.”

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