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We’ve mentioned a couple of times in this space the blog Get Drunk and Vote for McCain. But it’s not the only conservative political site that might not win the MADD seal of approval.

Stephen Green, the self-described Vodka Pundit, “liveblogged” last week’s debate between Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain. Only he did it with a twist (of lemon or lime?); he “drunkblogged” it at Pajamas Media.

“Take a shot every time McCain uses any variation on the word ‘crony.’ Pajamas Media, its affiliates, employees and advertisers cannot be held responsible for any alcohol poisoning. Closed course, professional driver,” Mr. Green wrote.

At 7:56 p.m. (the post used Mountain time), he wrote, “You know how bad this debate is? I´m skipping my third martini and going straight to a double vodka rocks. Maybe a triple.” But two minutes later came this sober-sounding lulu, citing an answer from Mr. Obama: “Health insurance ‘is a right.’ We were endowed by our Creator with a really sweet no-co-pay plan from Aetna, and maybe some free speech. At least I think that´s what Jefferson wrote.”

His quick assessment: a McCain victory but “not by nearly enough to matter.”

Gay overreach

Gay bloggers last week faced up to the suddenly real possibility that voters in the solidly blue state (California) would amend their constitution to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, overturning a state Supreme Court decision.

B. Daniel Blatt of West Hollywood, who blogs under the persona “Gay Patriot West” at Gay Patriot, attributed the recent polling turnaround on Proposition 8 to an ad by the amendment’s backers framing the issue as one of popular sovereignty, overreaching judges and arrogant lawmakers.

“The repetition of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom´s exclamation that gay marriage would happen ‘whether you like it or not’ combined with the inclusion of the line that ‘four judges ignored four million voters’ makes it appear that the initiative merely restrains an overzealous judiciary and restores sovereignty to the people. People don´t like courts resolving controversial social issues.”

Mr. Blatt, who founded the Northern Virginia Log Cabin Republicans chapter, also lamented last week’s Connecticut Supreme Court decision declaring gay marriage a right in that state.

“My sense is this couldn´t come at a better time for gay marriage opponents. Whenever a state court acts against the will of the people who, in this case, through their elected representatives, had actually already passed landmark civil unions legislation, it increases popular support for initiatives banning gay marriage.” He predicts that the Connecticut decision “may well have sealed the deal for Proposition 8 in California and not the way those who cheer the decision today would like.”


“The Catholic Left, which ostensibly advocates compassion and justice in the name of Jesus Christ, does not like Sarah Palin, and finds fault with her unwed 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy, and even accuses her of apostasy,” reports a miffed Joseph D’Hippolito last week at the American Thinker blog.

In September, Michael Sean Winters picked up a Los Angeles Times report that Mrs. Palin was baptized in the Catholic Church. Her parents soon after went to Alaska and began taking their children to Wasilla Assembly of God, the Pentecostal church where a 12-year-old Sarah Palin was “rebaptized.” This, Mr. Winters said at the America magazine blog In All Things, makes Mrs. Palin an apostate under Catholic teaching.

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