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Chinese Embassy spokesman Wang Baodong had no immediate comment on the book or China’s missile defenses.

Iran nuclear program

A private nuclear-arms watchdog group issued a report this week that concludes that Iran will have the capability of creating a “virtual” nuclear weapon in January.

The assessment by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control states that Iran has a bank of centrifuges that are producing low-enriched uranium that can be used for nuclear reactors but that also can be recirculated through the centrifuges to make bomb fuel.

“The re-circulation raises the concentration of the uranium isotope U-235, which fissions in nuclear weapons such as the one dropped on Hiroshima,” the group stated in a report made public Wednesday.

“Based on the amount of low-enriched uranium Iran has stockpiled, and the amount it is believed to be producing each month, the Wisconsin Project estimates that by inauguration day, Iran could have enough U-235 to fuel one bomb quickly,” the report said, noting that the time frame would be two to three months to raise the level of U-235 from 3.8 percent enrichment to 90 percent.

Iran’s government has denied that its uranium-enrichment program is directed toward building weapons, and there is no firm evidence that the country has mastered the technology to weaponize enriched uranium.

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