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The Terps also got a break, though it ultimately wasn’t needed, when standout Wake Forest kicker Sam Swank was unable to join the fray because of a quadriceps injury. That left all the Deacons’ booting chores up to redshirt freshman Shane Popham, who obligingly missed two first-half field goals after fumbles by Maryland tailback Da’Rel Scott gave Wake scoring opportunities.

His opposite number, the Terps’ Obi Egekeze, went 4-for-4 on his career day, thereby further distinguishing himself from former Maryland hoopster Obinna Ekezie.

Truly, this was a dandy day when almost nobody in a black uniform could do anything wrong. (Maryland donned its alternate jerseys for the first time in 2008.)

At the finish, Friedgen was discussing dreams and issuing challenges.

“We gotta win every game coming up if we want to win the [ACC’s Atlantic] Division,” he insisted. “And that’s what I want to do, reach the ACC championship game.”

Careful, Ralph. Remember you still have to play three unranked teams (N.C. State, Florida State, Boston College), and the possibility of disaster looms large.