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Two of the leading conservative bloggers dismissed Colin L. Powell’s endorsement Sunday of Sen. Barack Obama for president as liberal double standards stacked like cordwood.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (http://littlegreenfoot wonders aloud whether “any moonbat heads [will] be exploding over this? After all, they´ve been vilifying Powell for years for ‘lying us into a war.’ I’m going to take a wild guess and say the lefties will suddenly forget all about it.”

Michelle Malkin noted that Mr. Powell’s implications that the Republicans base is racist and is spreading false “Obama is a Muslim” rumors would be better directed at Democrats.

Mr. Powell “has nothing to say about the rabid pack of America-damning preachers who helped make Obama the ‘transformational’ figure Powell has placed his faith in. … the Democrat Hillary backers like Bob Kerrey and on down to her grass-roots supporters … indulged themselves and trafficked in those very rumors Powell smears conservatives for spreading,” Mrs. Malkin wrote at her eponymous site (

She concludes by warning the still-Republican former secretary of state: “The press only loves maverick Republicans when they jump in bed with Democrats. Just ask John McCain.”

Campaign violence

Conservative bloggers to a man see the mainstream media as “in the tank” for Sen. Barack Obama, noting among a gazillion other examples that the false “kill him” reports were widely picked up and repeated as fact (because it fits the liberal stereotype of conservatives as haters) while far better documented misconduct by Obama supporters gets passed over.

The headline at Ace of Spades ( said it all, though we have to edit some … this being a family column and all. An Obama follower “takes sign from McCain/Palin supporter and bashes her in the face with it; media not interested, too busy conjuring ‘Kill him!’ shouts out of thin air.”

Ace provides links to the arrest of a 49-year-old man on assault charges against a woman who had the temerity to carry a McCain sign Sept. 15 at 51st Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The charging document and photos were reproduced at the Silent Majority (

“P.S. This story is a month old. In addition, charges of second-degree assault have in fact been filed by a Manhattan Assistant DA against him. He goes to court in January. In other words, this story is actually confirmed and has actual law-enforcement involvement … unlike those ‘Kill him!’ shouts which a baffled Secret Service agent says were actually shouts of ‘Tell them!’ And yet the MSM is not interested,” Ace wrote. “And I doubt we’ll see the vetting of this woman-assaulting Obama supporter like we see in the case of Joe the Plumber.”

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